Cofounder – Adopt Inc

Adopt Inc: What if being adopted was the key?

In 2009, Nicolas saw his company’s flagship product, Pur Vodka win the title of the best vodka in the world at World Vodka Masters in London, after three years of hard work to get it up and running.

That evening, and the next three years, he was still to return to his job as a night janitor to finance his business.

That night, and for the next three years, he still had to return to his job as a night janitor in order to finance his business.

Adopt Inc was born out of his desire to offer promising young entrepreneurs an opportunity that he himself dreamed of having. A base salary that would have allowed him to put all his energy into his project. Advice and mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs who would have propelled his company even further.

Thanks to his association with bright founders and outstanding institutional partners, this project is now a reality.

The Adopt Inc movement

A unique movement in the world

In this video TEDx, Nicolas and Anne Marcotte relate the birth and the mission of the movement Adopt Inc.

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