Chamber of Commerce, business, university or NPO, you want to inspire and motivate your members, take them behind the scenes of an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey, and above all, offer them a unique experience?


A unique conference for an extraordinary story! The audience will go through all ranges of emotions. From laughter to sadness, from stress to relief, this conference will leave no one indifferent!

Nicolas Duvernois takes us behind the scenes of entrepreneurship, in the antechamber of success. An incredible story of a young man who started from nothing. Nicolas recounts how he rebounded from a disastrous business undertaking and, in just a few years, went from sweeping the floors of a children’s hospital to making the world’s best vodka!

Peppered with humour and anecdotes, the first part is dedicated to the story behind the idea. The second part takes a different look at the world of business and entrepreneurship. A definitely inspiring and refreshing conference!

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Unanimous critics

“Your talent as a speaker, contagious motivation and personal story as a young, passionate entrepreneur inspired and uplifted our three hundred (300) participants! You pursued your goals with audacity and courage, and are a real role model!”

Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Trois-Rivières

“Your conference was engaging, dynamic and rich in content making it among the best to date.”

Head of Communications, entrepreneurship centre at University of Québec in Chicoutimi

“One of the most dynamic presenters I’ve heard in the House. ”


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