Pur Vodka

The first ultra premium vodka made in Canada.

Pur Vodka is an Ultra Premium vodka made from 100% Canadian ingredients of the highest quality. It is a subtle and balanced blend of carefully selected corn and spring water of glacial origin from northern Quebec.

A soft vodka with a rough story.

Nicolas has developed Pur Vodka when he was a janitor at the Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal. More than just a simple vodka, Pur Vodka has become the icon of a generation for whom success is lived, felt and savored on a daily basis.

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Pur Vodka: Named four times the best vodka in the world.

Pur Vodka is the most awarded vodka in the Americas with over 72 medals won in the most prestigious international competitions to date: World Vodka Masters, International Review of Spirits, Beverage Testing Institute and many others, year after year since its launch in 2009.

It has since been named the best vodka in the world four times.

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