romeo’s museum

romeo’s museum is Canada’s first urban art museum, imagined by romeo’s gin.

What started out as a crazy idea is now bigger than ever. After Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin and St-Petersburg, Montreal now has its own museum of urban art since the fall of 2018, the romeo’s museum.

In total, 24 murals by 24 Montreal artists adorn an unusual transit space… the fire stairwells!

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24 murals, 24 artists. Free and open to all 24/7. Located at 5455 and 5445 de Gaspé, Montreal, Quebec.

Every week, thousands of people take the stairs located at 5445 and 5455 de Gaspé, in the Mile-End district. They spend several thousands of minutes in transit between one space and another, moving between white walls whose numbers only change.

Nicolas and romeo’s gin have decided to create, with the help of our collaborators, bridges in unusual spaces, and to bring communities together around what makes us think and move forward.

Urban art has more than ever its place in the heart of our buildings, on a human scale.

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Our partners and collaborators

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