Vive les idées folles : the book

“With perseverance, a little craziness and a hint of luck, it is possible to realize his ambitions. “

Long live the crazy ideas! This is what Nicolas Duvernois, bold entrepreneur and dragon of the show Dans l’oeil du Dragon, tells us. In this new version of his autobiography, expanded and updated, he communicates his passion for the entrepreneurship.

The reader will not find in this book rules of conduct to follow or miracle recipes on the management of a company, because the young businessman does not believe. However, he will discover inspiring testimonials about entrepreneurship here and elsewhere, as well as advice based on deep convictions and a good dose of realism learned on the job.

nicolas duvernois vive les idées folles

Nicolas Duvernois tells us his good moves – the successes of Pur Vodka abroad, the creation of romeo’s gin, his experience as a dragon – but also the failures that have shaped his career. With the passion that has made him a respected columnist, an internationally acclaimed speaker and a committed entrepreneur in the community, he makes us understand that in business, the ideas that seem the craziest are sometimes the most successful!

“The journey of Nicolas Duvernois, a true epic, is a beautiful story of entrepreneurship. It’s not just a story of success, it’s also about passion and perseverance, from which we have a lot to gain.”

Vive les idées Folles!Maintenant en librairie

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